CMRE connects risk & compliance experts with years of hands-on experience in managing project teams for financial institutions. It implements solutions and trains clients key personnel to apply these independently with the aim of becoming self-supporting. Our mission is to help the financial industry to improve and innovate where possible. Our customers value our approach and as a result we are growing. We always aim for the long term relationship with our clients. Good service at a fair price. After all, we are happy to meet again.

For our clients we are engaged in various projects and off solutions for complex issues. CMRE focuses on the following disciplines:

Risk IT & Modeling

  • Structuring datasets and modeling of various risks in cooperation with our clients
  • Design and construction of risk and pricing models and connecting these with our client’s systems
  • Performing analysis, testing and calibration of models of course with documentation both in written form and in presentations
  • Ad hoc building of code for analysis-purposes in order to explain the functioning of models

ALM & Capital Management

  • Setting up ALM governance & policy in accordance with the requirements of the regulators
  • Liquidity Risk Management
  • Managing ALM profile

Actuarial Services

  • Developing, documenting and validating models
  • The implementation of Solvency II
  • The valuation of complex financial instruments

Governance, Change & Compliance

  • Developing and writing policies
  • Setting up, arranging, tuning and recording (risk) governance in accordance with the wishes and views of our clients and the requirements of the regulators
  • Motivating, recording and arranging the confirmations of the choices made
  • Writing model documentations, model- and database governance.
  • Implementing compliance projects
  • Advice in the area of compliance

Credit & Market Risk

  • Drawing up credit and market risk reports
  • Documenting all preconditions such as authorities, credit risk models and database property.

Apart from that

We are working to develop new propositions and ideas to enter the market. This market may also be outside the financial sector. CMRE aims to grow into a leading consultancy organization within and outside the financial sector.